SAMIP® is a multimedia communication server based on highly integrated innovative technologies, which uses standard protocols and languages (SIP, HTTP and HTML, XML) and has interfaces (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, TAPI) that allow integration and interoperability between networks, systems, hardware and software devices, including third parties. It is the ideal communication platform for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, small offices, distributed companies of medium and large complexity.

SAMIP® manages and optimizes Voice over IP (VoIP) flows allowing connected devices (desk telephones, wireless and smartphones) to communicate on the network with other new generation and traditional systems. VoIP resources can be enabled gradually and easily. SAMIP® allows distributed configurations through broadband interconnections that allow to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With SAMIP®, the corporate network extends through WAN connections that exploit IP trunking SIP and H.323 functionalities, with the possibility of integrating traditional systems through Q.Sig standard. It also provides public networks connections such as ISDN, Frame Relay, CDN and the possibility to make urban VoIP calls.

SAMIP® also provides call backup in case of unavailability of the main service. The platform provides Unified Messaging, IP Lan Telephony, personal mobility and personal telephony services, multimedia contact center applications, and web-based system management.

  • SAMoffice SE - up to 16 users, mounting 1 rack unit on the wall, PoE switch integrated
  • SAMoffice 2C - up to 32 users, mounting 1 rack unit
  • SAMoffice 4 - up to 128 users, mounting 2 rack units
  • SAMoffice 8 - up to 384 users, mounting 3 rack units (up to 4 modules)
  • SAMIP 4000E - up to 2016 TDM users and 600 IP users, mounting 5 rack units (up to 8 modules), fanless, optional redundancy for CPU and power supply

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