(Universal Coupling Device)

The SCA is a universal coupling device, compliant with the IEC 418 standard, which allows the connection between an OCV conveyed wave apparatus and the high voltage line. It plays a role of fundamental importance allowing an effective transmission of the signals in the band concerned between the OCV apparatus and the line. SCA guarantees maximum protection of the transmission apparatus from power signals and transient overvoltages from the lines. Coupling can be achieved between phase and earth and between phase and phase. Its installation and maintenance are simple and done in total safety, the apparatus has a long-lasting guarantee in external installations. The main benefits are:

  • PEP rating - 500 W PEP Power rating
  • Compact layout - parte superiore (impedance matching/insulation transformer, tuning coil, HF hybrid transformer (optional), secondary surge arrester, secondary terminal strips ); lower part (primary terminal, grounding switch, primary surge arrester)
  • Weather resistance - outdoor installation, in damp and polluted environments thanks to the fiberglass box
  • Earthing switch - the hand-operated side-disconnected earthing switch allows to short-circuit the primary terminal to earth. The opening of the door is subject to the closure of the earthing switch to ensure maximum safety of the operations
  • Primary arrester - compliant with IEC 418 standard; non linear with recommended voltage of 660 Vrms; surge voltage (1.2 / 50 μs) of 3300 V peak; recommended discharge current (8/20 μs) of 5 KA peak

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