Remote Control Unit with Small, Medium and Large Capacity

STCE-RTU is an integrated system for remote control functions, advanced monitoring of events and perturbations and local automation of electrical networks. Modular, flexible and compatible with all the main protocols, both standard and proprietary, it is the ideal solution for any type of network, even the most complex. It is able to manage information from and to the system in an integrated way with the other electronic devices present in the station and allows rapid, punctual and flexible communication with the network management centers.

The STCE-RTU apparatus allows you to create concentrated or distributed systems. The processing capacities distributed on all I / O units allow, even in such extensive configurations, to have no performance degradation. Suitable to be used in the control of the most varied technological networks, the high performance privileges their use in electricity networks, both in AAT / AT transmission stations and in AT / MT distribution substations.

The modular architecture and distributed intelligence optimize its use, however facilitated by the numerous mechanical solutions provided. STCE guarantees maximum availability, with the possibility of duplicating all centralized parts, as well as high chronological discrimination and synchronization capabilities. Sophisticated configuration and diagnostics tools allow simple, timely and effective maintenance..

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