Powerline Carrier System With Integrated Teleprotection

STE-D, the universal powerline carrier system with integrated interface to remote protection, is the new generation of analogue, digital and mixed analogue-digital high performance powerline systems, based on Digital Signal Processing DSP technology, to support all applications, from legacy analog solutions to the most advanced digital in a long-term perspective. This device is able both to interface with remote protection devices and to support integrated remote protection functions internally.

The main benefits of STE-D are the reduced cost in the transmission of small and medium-sized information flows over medium-long distances, the guarantee of highly reliable communications for operational services (telephony, remote control and remote protection) in the case of HV and VHV power lines, the possibility of use as a back-up network to increase the reliability of the telecommunication service and finally the security of configuration and maintenance through Radius authentication and SSH support.

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