6124 Aerial Line Car

The model 6124 motorized aerial line car is designed to transport line workers on a four bundle high-voltage circuit for the installation of conductor spacers/dampers.

The line car is designed and constructed in accordance with OSHA Act and Regulations. The cars are designed to pass the insulator strings without the operator having to exit the car based on the insulator skirt design.

The car is powered with a gasoline engine which operates a hydraulic drive motor in both the forward and reverse direction. Operator has easy access to the control panel inside the car.

Performance Features

Travel speed9.6 km/hr (6.0 mph)


Conductor spacing
Metric distance counter
Bonding roller
Safety cables
Includes ramp assembly
Specify when ordering

Frame constructed of welded aluminum tubing to meet OSHA Act and Regulations.

Engine Specifications

Air cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine13.4 kW (18 hp)

Mechanical Drive Specifications

Closed loop hydraulic system with variable displacement axial piston pump drives four (4) fixed displacement drive wheel motors. Two motors are equipped with brakes.
Reference Part Number : F000982

Safety Features

The control panel is equipped with a hydraulic brake lever to brake two (2) of the drive motors while the operator is working on installing spacers.

Physical Dimensions

Weight (Approximate)385 kg (850 lbs)
Length (Approximate)1816 mm (71.5”)
Width (Approximate)915 mm (36”)
Height (Approximate)2413 mm (95”)

Control Panel