BWPT 45-1H/SL Bullwheel Puller-Tensioner

The BWPT45-1H/SL is a trailer mounted, self-loading puller / tensioner suitable for new construction and reconductoring construction. This unit is capable of pulling or tensioning single conductor.


Maximum intermittent linepull / tension4890 daN (11,000 lbs)
Maximum continuous linepull / tension4448 daN (10,000 lbs)
Maximum linespeed6.4 km/h (4 mph)
Bullwheel diameter1320 mm (52″)
Maximum rope diameter42 mm (1 5/8″)
Power (Diesel)126 kW (170 hp)

Self-Loading Reel Carrier

Maximum reel diameter2438 mm (96”)
Maximum reel width1371 mm (54”)
Maximum reel weight (transport)4989 kg (11,000 lbs)
Maximum reel weight (lifting)7257 kg (16,000 lbs)

Physical Dimensions

Weight (Approx.)5900 kg (13,000 lbs)
Length (Approx.)9042 mm (356″)
Width (Approx.)2515 mm (99″)
Height (Approx.)3582 mm (141″)

Standard Equipment

✔️ Fully hydraulic drive system
✔️ Infinitely variable speed and linepull control
✔️ Automatic overpull protection system
✔️ Spring applied / hydraulic released brakes
✔️ Replaceable nylon linings
✔️ Hydraulic levelwind
✔️ Operator seat with protective cage
✔️ Tandem axle trailer with leaf spring suspension (13,600 kg / 30,000 lbs)
✔️ Air brakes with ABS
✔️ Hydraulic stabilizing jacks
✔️ Hydraulic oil cooler
✔️ Lockable console cover

Safety Features

Spring applied / hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown


✔️ PLC to provide linepull, speed and distance recording
✔️ Auxiliary hydraulic circuit (700 bar) to operate conductor press
✔️ Custom truck mounted version
✔️ Sound abatement engine enclosure