Convertible Rope Winder


Model RW50-1212SL

Length (Approx.)2030 mm (80″)
Width (Approx.)1730 mm (70″)
Height (Approx.)1220 mm (48″)
Weight (Less reel)363 kg (800 lbs)

Reel Capacity

Maximum width1220 mm (48″)
Maximum diameter1220 mm (48″)
Maximum reel weight4,990kg (11,000 lbs)


227 kg @ 7.2 km/h (500 lbs @ 4.5 mph)

Standard Equipment

Lightweight easily disassembled components for portability
Hydraulic drive motor is pin mounted allowing transfer from one rope
Let-off stand to another converting to a rope winder
Built-in screw type jacks for self-loading of rope reels
Manual caliper disc brake


Automatic leadscrew levelwind system for rope winder function
Steel pulling rope reels