DP100 Drum Puller

The DP100 is a heavy duty drum puller designed for transmission line stringing in the 3500-4500 daN (8,000-10,000 lb) range. Powered by a 123 kW (165 hp) diesel engine with twin hydrostatic transmissions, the unit provides continuous, infinitely variable speed, torque and directional control within the performance parameters.

Each transmission is equipped with two speeds to provide greater flexibility of the pulling operation by allowing increased speed or increased linepull. The drive incorporates a spring applied / hydraulically released safety brake which applies automatically in the event of an engine shutdown or can be applied by the operator from the control console.

Centrally located controls with protective operator’s enclosure allow one operator to set up the unit and complete the pulling operation. The operator’s controls are designed to automatically limit linepull to a presetable maximum value to prevent damage to the conductor, towers, stringing blocks and the line hardware.

The machine also incorporates a freewheel disconnect and 914 mm (36”) bronze overspin brake to allow the pulling rope to be installed at high speeds and under controlled tensions. The rear mounted engine greatly reduces noise at the operator’s position.


Maximum continuous linepull4448 daN (10,000 lbs)
Maximum intermittent linepull5338 daN (12,000 lbs)
Linespeed0-8 kmh (0-5 mph) variable
Engine129 kW (173 hp)
Drum capacity3657 m of 22 mm (12,000’ of 7/8”) rope

Standard Equipment

✔️ Fully hydrostatic drive
✔️ Infinitely variable speed and linepull controls
✔️ Two speed ranges for optimum performance
✔️ Spring applied / hydraulic released safety brake
✔️ Overpull protective circuit
✔️ Enclosed operator’s control station
✔️ Hydraulic operated levelwind
✔️ Freewheel disconnect and 914 mm (36”) bronze overspin brake
✔️ Front and rear jacks
✔️ Pintle eye trailer with tandem axles