DP300 Truck Mount Drum Puller



Continuous linepull14,679 daN (33,000 lbs) @ 2.1-2.5 mph
13,345 daN (30,000 lbs) @ 2.7-3.0 mph
11,120 daN (25,000 lbs) @ 3.2-3.9 mph
8,896 daN (20,000 lbs) @ 4.0-4.8 mph

Drum Capacity

Outside diameter1879 mm (74”)
Width between flanges1505 mm (59 1/4”)
Core diameter508 mm (20”)
Capacity9,144 m (30,000 ft) of 19 mm (3/4”) dia. wire rope
Engine (diesel)343 kW (460 hp)

Truck (generic specifications)

Axles29,483 kg (65,000 lbs) capacity rear tandem with leaf suspension 9072 kg (20,000 lbs) front driving axle with leaf spring suspension
Tires(12) 12:00R24 18 ply rating
GVWR38,555 kg (85,000 lbs)
Driver’s cabheated & air conditioned
Winchesfront and rear 30,000 lb capacity
Stabilizerstwo rear hydraulic with locking valves
Towing packagerear towing packing with electric trailer brakes

Unit Dimensions

Length (Approx.)9.017 mm (29’7”)
Width (Approx.)2629 mm (8’-7.5”)
Height (Approx.)3810 mm (12’-6”)
Weight (Approx.)38,555 kg w 7,620 m of 19 mm swaged wire rope
85,000 lbs w 25,000 ft of 3/4 swaged rope installed

Standard Equipment

Proven hydrostatic pulling system with infinitely variable linespeed and linepull control
343 kW (460 hp) diesel engine driving both the truck and drum puller
14,679 daN (33,000 lbs) continuous linepull at full drum
Heavy duty drum with capacity for up to 9144 m (30,000 ft) of 19 mm
(3/4”) swaged steel wire rope
Spring applied / hydraulically released holding brake
13,345 daN (30,000 lb) capacity front and rear two speed winches
Air conditioned and heated operator’s cab for maximum safety and visibility
Permanently engraved console control panel
Two heavy duty rear hydraulic stabilizers with lock valves
Automatic diamond leadscrew levelwind system for even spooling of rope onto drum
Auxiliary hydraulic system for remote mounted reel winder
6×6 wheel drive truck
85,000 GVWR
10 speed transmission
2 x 50 gallon fuel reservoirs with level gauge
150 gallon hydraulic reservoir with level and temperature gauge
Hydraulic fan driven oil cooler with thermostat for positive heat dissipation
Hydraulic controls for remote reel winder