FODP-31 Fiber Optics Puller


Maximum contimuous torque350 daN-m (31,000 in.lbs)
Maximum continuous linepull*590 daN (1300 lbs)
Average linespeed4.8 km/h (3 mph)
Drum diameter1016 mm (40”)
Drum width826 mm (32.5”)
Drum capacity, synthetic rope4720 m of 9.5 mm (15,000 ft of 3/8”)
Engine (gasoline)13 kW (18 hp)
Weight2268 kg (5000 lbs)
Length (Approx.)4216 mm (166”)
Width (Approx.)2260 mm (89”)
Height (Approx.)1980 mm (78”)

*) linepull rated at full drum

Standard Equipment

✔️ Fully hydraulic drive system
✔️ Infinitely variable speed and linepull control
✔️ Automatic overpull protection system
✔️ Single axle trailer mounted with electric trailer brakes and highway lighting package
✔️ One front and two rear jacks
✔️ Free wheeling disconnect
✔️ Bronze disc overspin brake
✔️ Operator’s seat and protective screen


✔️ Hydraulic front jack
✔️ Diesel engine
✔️ Chart recorder system