IP Telephones NETfon Bluelight

IP Telephones NETfon Bluelight

ip telephone for toip and ucc services

NETfon® Bluelight is an IP phone that offers, in addition to a modern line with an elegant and ergonomic design, advanced performances enhanced by extreme ease of use. As a result of SELTA’s long experience in the design of telephone terminals, NETfon® combines the availability of the most sophisticated office services with IP-based communications functions. The phone is plug & play so it can be installed on the network quickly and at a reduced cost. It is available both in IP version with MGCP protocol, to enhance services of the converging SELTA SAMIP® platform, and in version with SIP protocol to take advantage of the Unifed Communications and Collaboration platforms SELTA SAMubycom® and BRAVO®.

NETfon® telephone offers a high quality of communications especially in hands-free mode thanks to full-duplex technologies, both in listening and in transmission. In the NETfon® Bluelight set, all models have a large, backlit LCD display and can be tilted in 10 different positions. Business models provide group telephony functionality and improve workplace productivity. These terminals are suitable for those who coordinate the routing of incoming calls, for Call/Contact Center operators, for receptionists of medium/large structures and, more generally, for those who wish to use advanced telephone functions by using shotcuts through programmable keys.

Technical Features

IP NETfon 330

  • 128 × 64 pixel black and white backlit graphic display
  • 13 predefined function keys
  • Ready for external headphones and EHS function
  • MGCP (Selta ToIP) and SIP protocols
  • 24 programmable keys with 3-color LEDs
  • Local directory and LDAP
  • Expandable with 1 DSS module with 24 keys / LEDs
  • 2 ports 10/100 switch

IP NETfon 500G

  • 128 ×250 × 138 pixel black and white backlit graphic display
  • Local directory and LDAP Ready for external headphones and EHS function
  • MGCP (SELTA ToIP) and SIP protocols
  • 6 programmable keys with 3-color LEDs and 10 predefined function keys
  • Expandable with 2 DSS modules with 24 keys / LEDs with display
  • 2 ports 10/100/1000 switch

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