P220-1H/1DD Hydraulic Bullwheel Puller

The P220-1H/1DD bullwheel puller is a compact unit designed to work in the roughest remote job sites. The powerful hydraulic system powers totally enclosed planetary drives protected from dirt and weather.

The unit offers constant linepull and linespeed with built in overload protection and potentially unlimited pulling lengths.

The operator is positioned in a safe position remote from the bullwheels with a clear view of the pulling operation. The frame design includes a single point lift for lifting with a crane.

Performance Features

Maximum Linepull22,000 daN (49,500 lbs)
Maximum Linespeed8 km/hr (5 mph)

Puller BullWheel Specifications

Bullwheel diameter914 mm (36”)
11 machined grooves per bullwheel set53 mm (2.4”)
Maximum rope diameter38 mm (1.5”)

Engine Specifications

Water-cooled Caterpillar diesel engine328 kW (440 hp)

Mechanical Drive Specifications

Full hydraulic drive
Direct drive bullwheels, no chains or gears
Infinite variable speed and linepull and tensioning control
Automatic over-pull protection system with linepull gauge
Auxillary hydraulic circuit to power and control separate hydraulic reel winder

Safety Features

Spring applied / hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives and integrated reelwinder (if equipped) apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown
Overpull protection to set maximum linepull

Physical Dimensions

Weight (Approx.)12,200 kg (26,900 lbs)
Length (Approx.)7060 mm (278”)
Width (Approx.)2441 mm (87”)
Height (Approx.)2680 mm (134”)


Integral self-loading reelwinder for reel sizes up to 1900 mm (75”) diameter, 560 mm (22”) wide, 4000 kg (8800 lbs)
Air brakes for axle
Air ride axle suspension
Tail clamp for easy reel changes
Sound attenuation package
Vandal protection package
Highway lighting