PRS Series Powered Reel Stands


Maximum reel diameter1830 mm (72″)
Maximum reel width1120 mm (44″)
Maximum reel weight3628 kg (8000 lbs)
Drive torque rating2260 N-m (20,0000 in-lbs)
Drive speed rating34 rpm
Shaft diameter67 mm (2 5/8″)
Brake disc diameter406 mm (16″)
Length (Approx.)1680 mm (66″)
Width (Approx.)2030 mm (80″)
Height (Approx.)1400 mm (55″)

Ratings are based on a hydraulic supply of 56 l/min @ 138 bar (15 gpm @ 2000 psi)

Standard Equipment

Quick change reel shaft system with straight vertical lift
Bronze bushings on reel shaft
Double pin drive arm
Locking collar with lifting loop
Ventilated bronze disc brake
Hydraulic caliper – manually adjusted
Hydraulic drive motor
Free wheel clutch
Hydraulic boom levelwind


Reel shaft bushings