PT160-4H/4SK Puller-Tensioner

The PT160-4H/4 is capable of pulling or tensioning 1-2-3-4 conductors. This design integrates 4 hydraulic controls to operate four independently controlled bullwheels offering the capability of tensioning 4 conductors.

The bull wheels may be coupled for increased pull or tension control of two conductors.

The PT160-4H/4 is specially equipped with a heavy duty hydraulic cooler to ensure proper operating temperature of the hydraulic system. The engine and pumps include a sound abatement enclosure.

The skid mounted model includes a hydraulic rear mounted plow stabilizer. This model is also available in an integral trailer design.

Performance Features

Max Pull / Tension4 x 4,000 daN (8,992 lbs)
2 x 8,000 daN (17,984 lbs)
Max Line Speed5 km/h (3.1 mph)

Tensioner BullWheel Specifications

Bull wheel diameter1500 mm (60”)

Wear resistant, replaceable, nylon bull wheel segments

5 grooves per bull wheel set50 mm (2.0”)
Maximum conductor diameter42mm (1.7”)

Engine Specifications

Water cooled diesel engine
Optional: sound abatement
194 kW (260 hp)

Hydraulic Drive Specifications

Full hydraulic drives, 4 circuits
Infinite variable line speed and tensioning control
4 independent speed control joysticks
4 independent tension controls and 1 master tension control for 4 conductors
4 large diameter tension gauges
4 Auxillary hydraulic circuits to power and control separate hydraulic reel letoff stands

Safety Features

Spring applied, hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown

Physical Dimensions

Length – module only (approximate)4712 mm (186”)
Length – with engine (approximate)5995 mm (236”)
Width (approximate)2165 mm (86”)
Height (approximate – plow stabilizer included)3292 mm (130”)


PLC to provide linepull, speed and distance recording
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit (700 bar) to operate conductor press
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit to operate 4 reel stands with pullback capability