PT12 - PT40-1H/1DD-Puller-Tensioner

PT40-1H/1DD Puller-Tensioner

The PT40-1H/1DD is suitable for pulling or tensioning single conductor with infinitely variable tensioning control of the conductor.

The exclusive open-sided canted bullwheel design prevents potentially damaging birdcaging or torquing of the conductor/OPGW. This design also allows for a more compact machine.

The large bullwheel design are fitted with replaceable synthetic lining segments. The PT40-1H/1DD provides powered hydraulics for easy reeving of conductor.

This unit is mounted on a single axle trailer with manual parking brake.

Performance Features

Maximum Linepull / tension1 x 4000 daN (8,818 lbs)
Maximum Linespeed5 km/hr (3.1 mph)

Puller/Tensioner BullWheel Specifications

Bullwheel diameter
Exclusive canted axis bullwheel design
Open side design for ease of conductor loading
Wear resistant nylon bullwheel segments
5 grooves per bullwheel set
1200 mm (48”)
Maximum conductor diameter43 mm (1.7”)

Engine Specifications

Air-cooled diesel engine63 kW (85 hp)

Mechanical Drive Specifications

Direct drive, fully enclosed planetary gearbox drive
Infinite variable speed, linepull and tensioning control
Automatic over-pull protection system with linepull gauge
Hydraulic bias control for low tension OPGW stringing applications

Safety Features

Spring applied / hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown
Overpull protection to set maximum linepull
Manual parking brake

Physical Dimensions

Weight (Approx.)2154 kg (4,750 lbs)
Length (Approx.)3861 mm (152”)
Width (Approx.)1800 mm (71”)
Height (Approx.)2413 mm (95”)


Electronic PLC control
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit for reel winder
Digital linespeed and distance counter
Highway trailer package
Lockable console cover