PT09 - PTV-60-54-V-Groove-Puller-Tensioner

PTV 60-54 V-Groove Puller-Tensioner


This compact traction unit performs equally well as a puller or a tensioner and is ideal for reconductoring applications. The self-loading, powered reel winder is an integral part of the machine and allows reels of conductor or pulling rope to be loaded and unloaded without a crane on the location. The unit can be used to pull out old conductor, wind it on a scrap reel, unload it and tension out the new conductor all with one machine.

Whether it’s stringing new conductor, reconductoring existing circuits and groundwire or wrecking out old conductors these combination units are ideal. The V-groove bullwheel permits easy handling of splicing sleeves and a wide range of conductor or rope diameters.

Conductor or pulling line is imbedded in the elastomer lined V-groove of the bullwheel. Timberland’s unique hydraulic system allows the operator to preset the maximum pulling tension and provides infinite linespeed and linepull control.

The machine design incorporates a pivoting bullwheel arrangement which automatically aligns the bullwheel with the point on the reel from which the conductor is being payed off. During the pulling mode the operator controls the bullwheel movement to levelwind the pulled cable onto the storage reel.

Standard Equipment

Infinitely variable speed and linepull control with overpull protection
Spring applied / hydraulic released holding brakes
Self-loading rear mounted reel winder
Oscillating bullwheel for minimal fleet angle on conductor or rope
Centrally located console for optimum visibility
Tandem axle trailer mounted with air brakes
Hydraulic front and rear jacks
Elastomer bullwheel segments


Maximum continuous linepull2268 kg (5000 lbs) @ 6.4 k/hr (4 mph)
Maximum intermittent linepull2721 kg (6000 lbs)
Linespeed0-6.4 k/hr (0-4 mph)
Engine (diesel)74 kW (100 hp)
Bullwheel diameter1371 mm (54”)
Bottom of groove diameter1219 mm (48”)
Maximum reel size2438 mm x 1422 mm (96” x 53”)
Maximum reel weight (highway)4989 kg (11,000 lbs)
Maximum reel weight (jobsite)7257 kg (16,000 lbs)
Unit weight w/o reel4309 kg (9500 lbs)
Tow eye weight w/o reel907 kg (2,000 lbs)

Unit Dimensions

Length (Approx.)7950 mm (313”)
Width (Approx.)2445 mm (96.25”)
Height (Approx.)3353 mm (132”)