Running Board Accessories

Timberland running boards are specifically designed for use with our multiple sheave stringing blocks for multiple conductors. A design thoroughly field tested and proven on many transmission line construction projects.

The board is designed to correct its position relative to the block on corners and correctly pass through and seat conductors in the conductor sheaves.

This design minimizes fluctuations in the conductor tension and enables a very smooth passage of the running board through the block.

A hinged tail assembly stabilizes the running board against lateral tilting due to wind pressure. The tail assembly will lock up 10.5O above horizontal to prevent the tail from foldinig over the running board.

Load carrying members of the running board are heat treated alloy steel and are specially selected for shock and impact resistance.

The running boards are supplied with pulling rope swivels and conductor swivels to match linepull and tension requirements.

Patent No :

USA : 3222033
Canada : 745912