SAFN is a flexible transport/access system specifically designed for private networks, with the aim of realizing networks integrating access and transport for data, voice and video transmission. It is a very reliable system, offering several advantages:

  • device connecting users to the carrier, with integrated access and transport functions to reduce costs and plants complexity (wiring, spare parts, maintenance)
  • flexibility of use both on Circuit Switching Networks (CSN) and Packet Switching Networks (PSN), guaranteeing the return on investment in the migration between networks
  • modular architecture meeting diversified –low / medium / huge- traffic requirements
  • typical device functionalities, such as VoIP Gateway and IP-PBX, to carry out service telephone systems, teleprotection functions towards distance protections
  • typical devices interfaces, such as digital I/O, interfaces towards protection and teleprotection equipment, specific interfaces for railway telephony
  • easy reconfiguration in case of bandwidth increase


Technical Features

  • SDH and PDH solutions in just one equipment
  • Specific interfaces for Telcos and Utilities
  • TM and ADM functions in SDH networks (STM-1/STM-4)
  • Ethernet transport on PDH/SDH (bridging on PDH and EoS streams with GFP, VCAT and LCAS functions)
  • Carrier and channel protection on PDH level, with channel protection included subrate level
  • Point-to-Point, Point-Multipoint and Omnibus connections
  • Integrated teleprotection function
  • Management of signals/commands (digital I/O) from and towards outer devices
  • Redundancy of the common parts
  • Channels allocation regardless of the physical location within the subrack
  • Configuration adjustment without any traffic interruption
  • Operations on CSN and PSN networks
  • Network Management System on open platform
  • PDH multiplexing functions on 2 Mb/s streams and sub-multiplexing on 64 Kb/s streams
  • SDH protection with Sub-Network Connection Protection (inherent) (SNCP/I) and SCNP (non-intrusive) (SNCP/N), linear Multiplex Section Protection (MSP
  • Management of alternative paths on Packet Switching Network
  • Voice connections, with conference circuits
  • Integrated VoIP Gateway and IP-PBX functions, to carry out Service Telephone Systems
  • External synchronism and priority list for the synchronization sources
  • Non-blocking switching matrix
  • EOC for remote diagnostics, configuration and software updating
  • Network Management System on open platform, with circuit-manager and circuit-viewer functions

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