Remote Terminal Units

STCE-SG is a modular RTU designed for DIN-rail mounting, which performs remote control, advanced event monitoring, local automation and data acquisition functions in secondary substations distributed automation scenarios, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Metering and as a concentrator of IoT sensors. Flexible and compatible with all major protocols, it is the ideal solution for any type of network, even complex one.

STCE-R is the new Selta DIN rail RTU, cost effective and compact sized, conceived for implementing several functions including remote control, chronological events recording and local automation of the electrical power networks. Modular, flexible and compatible with all the main protocols, both standard and proprietary, it is the ideal solution for every kind of network, even the most complex ones. 

Efficient management of electrical networks requires that the remote control peripheral equipment manage information from and to the controlled plant in an integrated way with the other plant devices, communicate with management centers in a quick and secure manner, and ensure high level of security in configuration, maintenance and access to recorded data.

STCE-RMU is the SELTA compact solution for remote control and monitoring of the distribution substations, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Its compact structure has been specifically conceived for utilities that have to manage a large number of peripheral places, anyway requiring high level performances: like the other systems belonging to the same family, STCE-RMU has a wide range of functionalities, to cope with all remote control needs of secondary power distribution grids.

STCE-NG is a system developed with the aim of supervising and remote controlling the gas transmission networks. It is a new generation RTU born in the current market context in which operators aim to rationalize and optimize their networks in a sustainable way by serving their industrial and thermoelectric consumers, and urban distribution networks in an increasingly performing way.


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