T25-1H/1DD Hydraulic Bullwheel Tensioner

T25-1H/1DD Hydraulic Bullwheel Tensioner

The T25-1H/1DD is suitable for tensioning single conductor with infinitely variable tensioning control of the conductor.

The exclusive open-sided canted bullwheel design prevents potentially damaging birdcaging or torquing of the conductor/OPGW. This design also allows for a more compact machine.

The large bullwheel design are fitted with replaceable synthetic lining segments. The T25-1H/1DD provides powered hydraulics for easy reeving of conductor and pullback capability. This unit is mounted on a single axle trailer.

Performance Features

Maximum continuous tension 1 x 2,500 daN (5500 lbs.)
Maximum Linespeed 5 km/hr (3.1 mph)

Puller/Tensioner Bullwheel Specifications

Bullwheel diameter 1500 mm (60”)
Exclusive canted axis bullwheel design  
Open side design for ease of conductor loading  
Wear resistant nylon bullwheel segments  
5 grooves per bullwheel set  
Maximum conductor diameter 43 mm (1.7”)

Engine Specifications

Air-cooled diesel engine 22 kW (29.7 hp)

Mechanical Drive Specifications

✔️ Direct drive, fully enclosed planetary gearbox drive.
✔️ Infinite variable speed, linepull and tensioning control Automatic over-pull protection system with line pull gauge.

Safety Features

✔️ Spring applied / hydraulic pressure released brakes on bullwheel drives apply automatically in the event of hydraulic circuit pressure loss or engine shutdown.
✔️ Overpull protection to set maximum linepull.

Physical Dimensions

Weight (Approx.) 2005 kg (4420 lbs)
Length (Approx.) 3861 mm (152”)
Width (Approx.) 1626 mm (64”)
Height (Approx.) 2337 mm (92”)


✔️ Auxiliary hydraulic circuit for reel winder
✔️ Distance counter
✔️ Highway trailer package
✔️ Lockable console cover

The following electronic monitoring system can be added to Timberland Equipment Pullers, Tensioners and Underground Pullers.

Digital display of: linepull, speed, distance and operator adjustable pre set maximum linepull.

Digital display of: linepull, speed, distance and operator adjustable pre set maximum linepull.

Optional chart recorder provides permanent copy readout for each pull.

Sample Print Out

Time (s) Pull (lbs) Peak (lbs) Speed (ft/min) Dist. (ft.)