Analog/Digital Teleprotection Equipment

TPS-NU is a teleprotection device that allows to protect power lines in a flexible, reliable and economic way. The device can be equipped with digital or analog line interfaces. As for digital interfaces, the operating principle is based on the decoding of the guard signals and the sending of a certain number of commands decoded using specific bit sequences. With regard to analog interfaces, the TPS-NU device is based on FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) operation.

Technical Features

  • Complete configurability of employment and priority of commands
  • Different protection schemes (intertripping, permissive underreach, permissive overreach and blocking) with dependability, security and
  • Subrack with backside connectors
  • Up to 4 commands, commands redundancy and statistics
  • Set-reset command (continuous commands)
  • Events recording in a non-volatile memory (2048 events with 1 ms resolution)
  • Remote configuration and monitoring (only digital interfaces)
  • Comprehensive self-test diagnostics
  • Management of indipendent and/or simultaneous commands
  • High hardware modularity
  • Different digital/analogue line interfaces (optical fiber, E1 2 Mbit/s G.703, codirectional/ contradirectional 64 kbit/s G.703, 32/64 kbit/s V.11/X.21,
  • High programmability of the command parameters (i.e. software timers)
  • Alarms display and configurability
  • Accurate alarms indications
  • Terminal addressing to protect against channel crossovers in switched or routed networks (only digital interfaces)
  • RS-232 interface or LAN interface for configuration and monitoring

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