TRC15-84 x 62-4 QUAD Reel Carrier

The quad reel carrier is designed to carry up to four conductor reels and act as reel stands for tensioning out conductor when stringing up to four bundle conductors.


Maximum line tension454 kg (1000 lbs)
Maximum linespeed8 km/h (5 mph)
Maximum reel diameter2133 mm (84”)
Maximum reel width1574 mm (62”)
Maximum reel weight7030 kg (15,500 lbs)

Trailer Dimensions

Length (Approx.)14.63 m (48 ft.)
Width (Approx.)2.5 m (8.5 ft.)
Height (maximum with C84 reel)3.7 m (12 ft.)

Standard Features

Equipped with hydraulic motors with hydraulic pressure provided by auxiliary hydraulic circuit from tensioner
Includes free wheeling hub with manual caliper brake to control overspin while in free wheel mode