Grounding Attachment Accessories


Length800 mm (31.5”)
Width172 mm (6.75”)
Roller diameter83 mm (3.25”)
Frame materialzinc plated steel
Roller materialaluminum
Roller lengthadjustable in 4 locations to accomodate various sized sheaves, from 300 mm (12”) to 914 mm (36”)
Springdouble torsion heavy duty type

Standard Features

Grounding roller can be used when stringing conductors in close proximity to live lines.

Ideal for grounding induction voltage when working near live conductors.

Attaches to a standard ball socket type single stringing block.

Roller will ground wire sizes six to two million CM.

Socks, swivels and other devices will pass through the ground roller in either direction.

Ground roller is spring loaded against the conductor with enough force to ensure contact at all time.

Ground wire hook-up to accomodate up to 2/0 farrel.