Helicopter Stringing Bundle Blocks

The multiple sheave block and helicopter attachment is ideal for the installation of bundled conductors using helicopter construction techniques.

The attachment incorporates a helicopter arm and gate which allows the pilot rope or pulling rope to automatically enter the block and be positioned in the center sheave. Spring loaded gates keep the rope positioned correctly until the running board passes through the block.

A unique mechanism in the attachment allows both sides of the helicopter block to share the conductor load during the stringing process. The helicopter attachment can be removed to install a normal crosshead to the block for conventional conductor installation.


Conductor Sheaves

Aluminum – with Moulded urethane lining or spray on urethane lining
High Impact Nylon – with molded rubber lining
Nylon – high durability and light weight

Pulling Rope Sheave – Cast steel

Frame – zinc plated steel
Shaft – solid alloy steel
Helicopter arm – steel, painted with high visibility yellow. Removal of quick release pin allows arm to fold along side of block frame for compact storage.


Optional crosshead – converts bundle blocks to closed crosshead.
Optional spacers – for customized conductor spacing, fabricated steel.