Powerline Comms

STE-D, the universal powerline carrier system with integrated interface to remote protection, is the new generation of analogue, digital and mixed analogue-digital high performance powerline systems, based on Digital Signal Processing DSP technology, to support all applications, from legacy analog solutions to the most advanced digital in a long-term perspective.

The SCA is a universal coupling device, compliant with the IEC 418 standard, which allows the connection between an OCV powerline carrier system and the high voltage line. It plays a role of fundamental importance allowing an effective transmission of the signals in the band concerned, between the OCV system and the line. 

The Line Trap is a high performances PowerLine Carrier system, compliant with the latest IEC 353 recommendations, offers a wide range of inductances, hence multiple current and voltage values to be used in modern power systems having to cope with higher nominal and short circuit power levels with subsequent very severe mechanical forces in the main coil of the traps.