The IP 51xx series is a new generation of smart IP phones designed to replace traditional office terminals. It provides powerful telephony features with advanced collaboration, ergonomics and HD audio features. The user eXperience has been completely renewed compared to the previous ranges, the user interface is simple with fixed and programmable keys and the use of telephone headsets is possible. The IP 51xx series fully integrates fully with BRAVO ® and SAMIP ® platforms thanks to automatic provisioning and web-based configuration features.

Conceived to offer optimal communication services for the office, it offers advanced performance and maximum ease of use, features that make the SAEfon CL 28D telephone an efficient and indispensable work tool for all small and medium-sized businesses.

NETfon® Bluelight is an IP phone that offers, in addition to a modern line with an elegant and ergonomic design, advanced performances enhanced by extreme ease of use. As a result of SELTA’s long experience in the design of telephone terminals, NETfon® combines the availability of the most sophisticated office services with IP-based communications functions.

Zenyth uses the most modern and widespread technologies that guarantee maximum audio quality and high reliability in communications management. Among their features, there are power supply from the telephone line and the ability to program (only with proprietary platform) 4 function keys from the central system to multiple phones simultaneously. Zenyth 650 and 600 are the two model belonging to the Zenyth family, respectively with and without display.

Operator Console with a modern design and advanced funcionalities conceived  to satisfy operational needs in high traffic environments, from hospitals to hotels, Public Security bodies, large enterprises and corporations. Dispatcher Console is based on standard SIP and Line State Server services on SELTA SAMIP® and BRAVO® platforms to enable an effective inbound, towards other lines and internal phone numbers.