RS80-SL Self-Loading Reel Stand


Maximum reel weight8000 kg (17,600 lbs)
Maximum reel diameter2500 mm (98″)
Maximum reel width1700 mm (67″)
Unit weight
(Approx. without options)
270 kg (595 lbs)

Standard Equipment

Self-loading by means of hydraulic jacks
Folds up for ease of transport
Heavy duty anchoring lugs
Four handles for ease of handling
Jack locking system on both sides
All options are installed by way of pin connections


Hydraulic drive with spring-applied brake up to 250 daN-m (1840 ft-lbs) intermittent toque
Bronze disc brake for controlled payout of conductor (110 daN-m / 835 ft-lbs)
Levelwind for use as a take-up stand