Single Conductor Helicopter Stringing Blocks

Model 5708-1H Shown

The 5000 series helicopter stringing blocks are suitable for stringing overhead single conductors and earthwire using helicopter construction techniques. All blocks incorporate a spring loaded side gate for easy installation of the pulling rope and retention of the conductor in the sheave during the stringing operation.


Anti-friction roller bearings
Rugged frames of aluminum and galvanized steel
ANSI tupe ‘B’ socket suspension
Fold down helicopter arm painted in high visibility orange
Vertical safe working load of 2300 kg (5000 lbs) on all blocks
Lightweight high strength aluminum alloy sheaves


Neoprene lined sheaves
Urethane lined sheaves
Rubber lined high impact nylon sheaves

Model 5716-1NYR Shown

Outside Dia.8.00203
Groove Dia.6.00152
Groove Depth1.0025
Groove Radius0.6216

Flare 15°

Outside Dia.16.00406
Groove Dia.13.62346
Groove Depth1.4737
Groove Radius0.8421

Flare 15°

Outside Dia.20508
Groove Dia.15.88403
Groove Depth2.0652.3
Groove Radius0.6917.5

Flare 15°

Outside Dia.24.88632
Groove Dia.20.88530
Groove Depth2.0050.8
Groove Radius0.6917.5

Flare 15°

Outside Dia.27.88708
Groove Dia.23.88607
Groove Depth2.0050.8
Groove Radius0.7819.8

Flare 15°

Outside Dia.35.62905
Groove Dia.30.13765
Groove Depth2.7569.9
Groove Radius1.1329

Flare 15°