Substation remote control equipment for distribution


STCE-D is an integrated system for peripheral control, the compact solution for remote control and monitoring of secondary distribution power stations. Made for both indoor (masonry secondary substations) and outdoor (pole) installation, it has been specifically designed to manage a large number of peripheral stations, while still providing best performances.

As the whole STCE family, it offers a wide range of features to meet the remote control needs of electrical distribution secondary networks. STCE-D complies with Enel, Italian distribution operator, technical specifications for the new UP equipment of the MV network. In particular, it not only conforms to the DX1215 rev. 7 standard, but it extends its functionalities supporting the programmable logic according to IEC 61131-3 and implementing the IEC 61850 protocol (server and GOOSE). IEC 61850 allows the management of several innovative functions required by Smart Grids, such as the Selective Logic and the meshed management with petal reclosure on different feeder of the same MV half-busbar in a Primary Substation.

Among the main advantages, there are the QoS enhancement, operating costs reduction, network availability increase granting availability to final users, maintenance costs optimization thanks to timely intervention in emergencies.

Technical Features

  • Remote command and control of the IMS switches
  • Chronological log of fault current transitions
  • Selection of the fault trunk
  • Compliance with IEC60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 standards (unbalanced mode of operation)
  • Interfaces to dedicated 4-wire analog channels (4W Leased)
  • Interfaces to GPRS mobile network
  • Synchronization
  • Download of application software from local or remote
  • IEC 61850 server with publisher / subscriber and GOOSE messages
  • Dispatching data coming from the field towards DMS center
  • Detection of analog measurements
  • Control, management, local and remote reporting of operating malfunctioning; the information is displayed via web server with HTTPS
  • Interfaces to switched telephone network (PSTN)
  • Interfaces to GSM and DCS 1800 mobile network
  • Interfaces to satellite, radio and IP networks
  • Configuration and maintenance through dedicated software on standard PC
  • Environment temperature measuring probe via sensor type PT100 IEC 60751
  • Programmable logic according to IEC 61131 standard

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