Remote terminal unit for gas transport networks

STCE-NG is a system developed with the aim of supervising and remote controlling the gas transmission networks. It is a new generation RTU born in the current market context in which operators aim to rationalize and optimize their networks in a sustainable way by serving their industrial and thermoelectric consumers, and urban distribution networks in an increasingly performing way. Based on innovative technologies and characterized by a high level of intelligence, it is able to monitor and intervene on the transportation network system in coordination with the control centers.

STCE-NG is a modular and scalable solution, suitable for network scenarios of various sizes, available in two versions, the Small STCE-NGS model for use in small systems and the Expandable STCE-NGE model for larger nodes. It is able to manage information from and to the plant, allowing quick, timely and flexible communication with the network management centers. It deals with acquiring digital and analog signals, imposing commands and set-points, collecting information from remote devices or local DCS. STCE-NG is configured only remotely for security reasons and monitored locally through an optimized HMI interface, while remotely a web-based management software is available to guarantee simple, timely and effective maintenance interventions. The system also has an advanced synchronization and chronological management capability. The expandable version is synonymous with high availability and robustness thanks to the redundancy of the centralized parts.

Technical Features

  • Linux Operating System with latest generation kernel
  • Chronological acquisition of digital signals, analog and digital measurements, energy pulses from the field
  • Gas volume conversion according to EN12405 standard
  • Time synchronization based on NTP, IEC 60870-5-104, IEEE 1588 (PTP) and GPS standards
  • Management of digital quantities on analog line via HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer)
  • Compliance with Cyber ​​security requirements (IEC 62351)
  • Data collection and historicization
  • Scan frequency configuration for data collection
  • Communication to the center, in local operation, of administrative logs and maintenance operations
  • Ethernet-based communication to and from the center
  • User profiling for access to the device
  • Local configuration and maintenance via web page and remotely via XML file
  • Operation both locally and remotely
  • Execution of equipment control commands (engines, valves, set-points)
  • Programming of filters, thresholds and scale factors
  • Programmable logic according to IEC 61131 standard (plant management automation)
  • Interface to DCS via MODBUS RTU /TCP
  • Hot redundancy for power supply, CPU (in master-slave logic), device bus, serial cards (only Expandable version)
  • Display of data collected via dedicated web interface (without operational interruptions)
  • Multicenter communication based on IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • System projection on WAN network via DHPC protocol
  • Communication with local operator via HMI interface
  • Secure access to the device based on TLS standards
  • Web portal for displaying the status of cards and I/O ports, based on the HTTPS protocol

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